Deer On Beach on Foggy Morning

This was at Drake’s Beach early one foggy morning. I’d walked to the end of the beach and when I started back, I saw that these deer had come down an arroyo. From a pretty long distance away, they spotted me and turned to face me, ears splayed out like sonar detectors to pick up sounds. At this point I was maybe 200 yards away from them, and they scurried back up the arroyo.

5 Responses to Deer On Beach on Foggy Morning

  1. jandean says:

    Quintessential Point Reyes. Gorgeous.

  2. helen says:

    Sure makes for a great photo!

  3. Pablo says:

    what beach / where located ? INCOMPLETE POSTING with NO info, makes a beautifull story become crap, dude xxxx

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Common local courtesy, dude. Idea is to get away from keyboard and find beautiful spots, and then not publicize.

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