Danny MacAskill Rips San Francisco on His Bike


“Danny MacAskill hits the streets of San Francisco and while the title may suggest some sort of adversarial relationship, Danny glides through the hilly terrain with a familiarity and effortless grace that would lead you to believe he’s lived there all his life. Launching off sidewalks and balancing along rails, he moves with uncanny precision. Danny also talks a little bit about his methodology when it comes to identifying and perfecting new tricks. So sit back and let the maestro of urban trials do his thing.”

Check out all the cool things at this website (where this originated): https://www.aetherapparel.com/blog/

Sent us by Gary Gunder

2 Responses to Danny MacAskill Rips San Francisco on His Bike

  1. Anonymous says:

    That guy is a wizard on the bike! Funny I've never seen video of him bailing on a trick….


  2. daltxguy says:

    Awesome skill, too bad it's so useless. Now if he put a basket on the front of that bike…

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