480 sq.ft. Inlaw Home Palo Alto (sans land): $180K

“This modular net zero energy home was designed as a model of sustainability. New Avenue Inc. partnered with the DOE and the cities of Palo Alto and San Jose to create this home and it will be open to the public until April 2013. Anyone can visit the home and experience what a well designed in-law unit or backyard cottage feels like. New Avenue Inc., will move the home to your backyard or land after the city’s education program ends. New Avenue will manage the engineering, permitting and financing of this home for you. The majority of homes in California have the right to put this in their own backyard.”

From Tiny House Talk blog. Click here.

Check out the builders: https://www.newavenuehomes.com/

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  1. Justin says:

    Very nice, but expensive at $375 per square foot.

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