Hermits of the Third Millennium

“Five years of photographing individuals who live in self-imposed isolation from society did not make Carlo Bevilacqua want to become a hermit himself. But it did make him more conscious of the choices he makes, and more aware of his real material needs.

   “You don’t need so much to live,” Mr. Bevilacqua said. “Our life is not our stuff.”

   Mr. Bevilacqua’s subjects live by themselves, separate from others, by choice. Some have had religious visions and pursue study or prayer. Others are spiritually inclined, but not religious in the classical sense. Then, there are those who just don’t like being among other people in modern society. But all live a life of intentional simplicity and isolation.”


From Ed Forgotson

Note: See comment by rj for more info on this place.

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  1. rj says:

    The house on the pillar is over a thousand years old originally (but rebuilt recently). Wiki Katskhi pillar in the old Russian state/country of Georgia.

    Better view of house. (Click on pic to zoom)

    Pics of the "recently" built stairs. Another pic of bottom of stairs.

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