Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Queens of Rhythm - Knockin' on Heaven's Door

It’s Friday and I’m in the office alone, should be doing layout, but I got diverted. It’s all Kevin Votel’s fault: he told me Wednesday morning at one of our monthly-or-so breakfasts at Bette’s Diner, that Bob Dylan was doing a series of concerts with Mark Knopfler. This led me into Googling around. (They’re on a big tour and will be in Berkeley and SFO in October.)

  I ran across a pretty krappy video of Knopfler and Dylan doing “Forever Young” in an old Rolling Stone article, and started looking around in YouTube and discovered this gem. Dylan is beautiful here, masterful, the Queens radiant (watch him hand a rose to them at the end), the keyboarder, the quality of the band. I’ve got this cranked up full screen and loud (just showing my immaturity.)  Over and out, I gotta get some work done. Plus got some beachcombing to do this afternoon.

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  1. Sara says:

    I caught this tour in Vancouver in 1986. It was great there too.

    The keyboarder is Benmont Tench (the great). If you feel like more fun, search him and "Watkins" on youtube and follow the links. You can also search Benmont Tench and Largo for extra cheese.

  2. christian says:

    Saw concert on this tour in 86 in Tacoma (true confessions tour). Great keyboard-work also on like a rolling stone, positively 4th street, just like a woman…

    a year later in basel, switzerland (temples in flames), same setup, but a completely different concert with a very strange setlist (lots of material from empire burlesque and stuff like frankie lee and judas priest).

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