Ziggy's Timber Framing Workshop

“Hey Lloyd:

Our recent Timber Framing Workshop went amazingly well and was a huge blast. The students had a fantastic time. We got an incredible amount of work done on our new timber frame home, especially considering we used hand tools exclusively, and most participants had little or no prior experience. Wow!

   Here’s a slideshow of the event that I wanted to share with you:


   We did everything from traditional square rule layout, to lofting with daisy wheel layout (just like illiterate French carpenters of old used), and everything in-between.

   Your books were no doubt an inspiration for us to do timber frame construction, especially Builders of the Pacific Coast.


   – ziggy”

See: The Year of Mud: https://www.theyearofmud.com

(Ziggy’s Cob Cottage is featured on pp. 110-113 of Tiny Homes.)

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