Tiny Homes Slide Show/Book Signings Pt. Reyes Station July 5th

Thursday night I’m doing my 15th (and the last for a while) Tiny Homes slideshow, talk, and book signing in conjunction with Pt. Reyes Books, a community supported bookstore in Point Reyes Station, California. Thursday, July 5,7:30pm, at the Point Reyes Presbyterian Church. I begin these events by talking about all the things that were going on in the 60s in San Francisco (before the “Summer of Love,” when things were already falling apart), working on the Whole Earth Catalog, and starting my publishing career with two books on dome building, then show slides and discuss the builders and buildings in the book. I’ll also highlight what I’ve learned working on this subject and this book, why I think tiny homes are so popular right now, and who I think they are appropriate for.

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