Timber Framing in British Columbia

“Hey Lloyd,

…A couple years ago a friend and mentor of mine introduced me to your books and it totally turned my world upside down. I looked at building, sustainability both in life and in construction in a whole new way. Thank you for your documentation and sharing of ideas and images that I know has inspired many many people all over the world.

Drew Mosley

Below are some images from my time here on Vancouver island working for a local business: https://www.macdonaldandlawrence.ca/, which employs some of the best craftsmen I have ever met. I came to the Island specifically to work with this company and have found it challenging and rewarding. The owners Steve and Gord have build and restored some crazy structures, (Kinsol Trestle).”

2 Responses to Timber Framing in British Columbia

  1. It's not hard to spend a lot of time on the linked site; there is some incredible and beautiful work there!

  2. Lester says:

    Lloyd, you and your readers should take Drew's advice and check out the Kinsol Trestle. The Trestle is one of the tallest free-standing timber rail trestle structures in the world. At 614 feet in length and standing 145 feet above the salmon bearing Koksilah Riveron Vancouver Island, it was recently restored and opened for the public as part of the Cowichan Valley Trail


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