Prefab Amish Shed

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Hi Lloyd,

We have just finished this 8’ x 11’ Amish cottage.  The Amish supplied the timber frame and we erected it and completed it with siding, cedar roofing, and exterior stucco. We finished off the interior with 2″ rigid insulation between beams and in-wall electric wiring. We plan to display it at our “Mini Barn Raising” later this summer in Bridgehampton, New York — illustrating how a traditional timber-frame structure can be used for many purposes. We will send photos of the barn-raising for you to add to your blog.  We are working on a kit that can be sent to anywhere in the United States. It would include a pre-cut mortise and tenon jointed frame like this, oak pegs and a wooden mallet.

   You can also learn more about Jeanie and David Stiles by going to their website: They have authored over 20 books on do-it-yourself building projects.

David and Jeanie Stiles

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  2. Veldig fin blogg og innlegg er svært ultimate. Takk for shaing med oss alle huskatalog

  3. Takk for å dele denne fin blogg. Din vanskelig jobb er lønner seg. Disse er svært ultimate post og gi denne informasjonen om huskatalog

  4. Ser veldig flott. Disse design er veldig bra. Du gjør veldig god jobb.


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