Pelican Passenger on My Paddleboard

There were a bunch of 10-12-year-old kids down at the town dock last night when I went down to go for a paddle. I lowered my (Joe Bark 12′ stock) paddleboard into the water and lo and behold, up flies this pelican. He lands a few feet away from my board. Sheesh! I’ve never gotten within 50′ of a pelican.

   Then he jumps onto my board. I wonder if he’ll stay on when I paddle, so I gingerly get onto the board, scoot up farther than usual, and take off. He stays there! Are we stylin or what?

   The kids love it and shoot pictures with an iPhone. He stayed on for maybe a hundred yards, then flew off.

Photo by Noah Shaw, emailed by Maya Young

5 Responses to Pelican Passenger on My Paddleboard

  1. Lloyd Kahn says:

    There's been a very tame young pelican down between the lagoon and Brighton Beach for a couple weeks now. I think it was probably abandoned. I lot of people are giving it fish scraps, etc., but also I saw it trying to eat the foam bumpers off of the fish dock. which didn't look promising.

  2. Anonymous says:

    WAY cool…lucky fellow.

  3. That's amazing, and even more amazing that you could get a picture. – Margy

  4. daishin s says:

    most groovy, sir!

  5. jandean says:

    You know what that means, dontcha?

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