Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones in 1981

I found this DVD video online after hearing Muddy and Mick doing Mannish Boy together. Man-o-man is this great! It goes up there on the top shelf of my music videos along with “The Last Waltz,” and “Mad Dogs and Englishmen.” It took place 31 years ago at Buddy Guy’s club, The Checkerboard Lounge, in Chicago. It’s just spectacular, it’s like you’re in the club. Mick sings great. Muddy is just awesome. Regal. Dignified. Every note is right. Plus he does a killer bottleneck guitar solo.

   There is brilliant guitar gun slinging throughout. A great Buddy Guy/Keith Richards section. Also, seeing Keith and Ronnie without Mick (and his sometimes a bit weird dancing), just the two of them, is revealing. Keith is a minimalist; it’s as much in what he doesn’t play, as what he does. Simple, rock bottom. Ronnie does some flaming work. They are totally tuned into each other. Guitar players speak a language to each other, and when it flows, it can be stunning.

   Also Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Lefty Dizz, two other great guitar players in the opening band.

   There’s also an audio CD with this package.

3 Responses to Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones in 1981

  1. bayrider says:

    Mick dance weird?

    Nah, check out his action in 1964 in the first minutes of this concert…

    48 years ago!

  2. Lloyd Kahn says:

    bayrider, great! A little James Brown here. Pretty elegant.

  3. When I lived in Alaska in the early 80's we made some tiny dwellings. Mostly for the "little people" and for fun! Wish I'd taken photos of them then. I was living on Baranof Is;and then and they were along the edge of the island. Left to decay and respond to that environment.
    Always felt that that would be the best way to respond. Temporarly and impermanent

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