Mansoon in Malibu

The 1st time I came to LA was with Dick Zanuck in 1953 in a 20th Century Fox Ford convertible. We’d gotten semi-drunk and left Stanford around midnight, got into LA at dawn. Vivid recollection of pie shelf in LA coastal diner, mirrors behind slices of pie, 2-for-1 visually, my 1st taste of LA graphics.

   On the radio as we swung into the garage of his big Santa Monica beach house: Loop-de-loop Mambo, by the Robins. Loop-de-loop —da-ooh!—Mambo, on the Dick “Huggy Boy” Hugg late night radio show. You shake like a rattlesnake, and you make my head go loop-de-loop…

   Northern California rube falls in love with southern sister.

Weather was warm and overcast Wednesday. Fringe of Baja California Chubasco. Malibu Surfside News headline: “Monsoonal Mood.” Did a little Malibu shore break bodysurfing (more like body dropping). Warm water. Ooh-la-LA!

Discoveries of last few days:

Stayed 2 nights at Topanga Canyon Inn, 6 miles up Topanga Canyon. Unique spot. Topanga is a powerful canyon, wilderness close to heart of LA. I liked this place a lot.

Reel Inn, Fresh Fish Market/Restaurant, hugely popular, pick piece of fish at counter, give cooking instructions, draft beer, sit at long tables fronting Hwy One. Old surfboards, paddle boards in rafters. At Topanga Canyon, Malibu, 18661 Pacific Coast Hwy.

The Coffee Bean, little cafe in Malibu Market, which years ago prompted my Starbucks Strategy: when caffeine-istas find themselves in unfamiliar territory and confronted with only a Starbucks, cruise around the area and you may well find a cool little non-corporate barista establishment that Starbucks is there trying to cannibalize. 3538 Crosscreek Road #7, east side of Hwy 1, north of Malibu pier. Good pastry, garden tables, hip, good wi-fi.

Theodore Beach Malibu Oh what beautiful clothes! Oh what high prices! I’m not a clothes horse. Hate shopping. But this stuff is so elegant. Mostly Italian. 23733 Malibu Rd. #100, shopping center west side Hwy 1, at turnoff to Malibu Colony (north of pier).

In same shopping center is a unique sushi restaurant. Just super. Can’t find name.

Sign along Hwy 1 at Malibu Coast Animal Services: “Rattlesnake Vaccine.” Uh, OK…

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  1. bayrider says:

    The song's a gas, never heard it before, being a '54 model myself. LA must have really been glorious back in '53. Like LA Confidential?

    Rattlesnakes are really out in force this year in NORCAL, found 2 babies just outside my door and on my deck steps this year, they're in the ground cover and under the deck. So we got the vaccine for our dogs and also had them avoidance trained with live snakes. You do not want your dog bitten by a rattler, it's usually in the face, life threatening and $2 to 3K to treat them at a vet. According to veterinarians the vaccine will not obviate treatment but it will reduce the onset and severity significantly.

  2. Hey Lloyd, I just made my first visit to LA last weekend for a wedding. Being from east coast, only my second trip to CA. I like it a lot more than I thought I would! Sure there is a lot of money in places, but there's a reason so many people live there. Had a great swim in Malibu before flying back and what a thrill it was, so much life on the beach, kelp, powerful water, and a sea lion or seal out in the water with me!

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