Buffed 66 Year Old

The bar girls at the brewery told me about open air music in the park, so I walked down. As I scanned the crowd, here was this beautiful man. His name is Grant. He was born on 6/16/46 and is now 66 and thinks all the 6’s are significant. He works out 3 times week, a combination of stretching, weight lifting, and meditation. Maybe 2 hours he said, emphasizing the meditation part. “Body, mind, spirit,” he said. He’s a serious rugby player and has some banged-up body parts, but has never broken a bone. He has an aura of energy and health. OK, you 50 and 60 year olds, here’s some inspiration for you. Body. Mind. Spirit.

4 Responses to Buffed 66 Year Old

  1. Rob says:

    At 42 years, I am starting now!

  2. Rich says:

    Grant’s got a whole year on me, I’m sure I could catch up, by the time I’m 66. Now what was it? Body, Mind, Spirit….. Unfortunately, I’m more interested in the Bourbon Street Stout, you mentioned in your previous post.
    Your stay in Topanga Canyon reminded me of the Topanga Canyon Fish Market restaurant (gone now), that was a little further (from the Inn) towards the coast – Sawdust floor, all seating outside under the patio, fresh caught fish, bring your own bottle of wine…. My wife and I use to live in the San Fernando Valley, where we both grew up. Friday night, motorcycle ride out the Canyon for great fish, nice memories!
    Thanks for all your interesting little stories Lloyd. Tonight at dinner, I shared your experience of having to follow Clint Eastwood, with memories of your college buddy Richard Zanuck – Good stuff!

  3. Jean says:

    Thanks — I need all the inspiration I can get. You and that guy provide a lot..! Going for a walk this morning…

  4. websiteguy says:

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