Big Sur: You Can Go Home Again

What a trip! I love being on the road, the serendipity of it all. Except:

1. I miss home.

2. I run across so much stuff (shoot so many pics, make so many notes) that it’s frustrating not being able to communicate it all. Fragments:

    I’m back home from a doozy of a trip. Left San Luis Obispo around 11 AM Saturday sunny morning, north on Hwy. 1. By the time I got to Cayucos, it was foggy. Ahh! Northern Californian consciousness kicks in. I like the fog (grew up in San Francisco).

My body adores Southern California.

My mind revels in NorCal.

Sirius music was on a roll. Just 2 examples:

-Jimmie Rodgers, Blue Yodel #3:!/s/Blue+Yodel+No+3/3WMJfN?src=5

-Muddy Waters backed by the Rolling Stones, Mannish Boy:!/search/song?q=rolling+stones+muddy+mannish+boy Oh yeah!

Got to my house (built it in late ’60s). near Esalen. Ehren, the caretaker was there, said I could spend the night. (He lives in a tuned-in tiny home on the road above.

   Ehren is a stone mason, in his 30s, surfer, fisherman, gardener, hunter, explorer. He keeps the house and grounds beautifully. He’s like an extension of and extrapolation on all the things I did or wanted to do when I lived in Big Sur. Cross-generational soul mates.

   We went for a swim in the pool (creek-fed water, no chlorine). Later that afternoon I had a beer at Nepenthe. That night I had dinner at Deetjen’s, by far my favorite inn in all the world, the ambience of the dining room with candles and chamber music as soulful as it was 50 years ago. That night I invoked former-resident executive privilege and got into the hot springs at Esalen. Mmm.

   I’m goin’ home…home, bom bom bom bom bom-bom… 

5 Responses to Big Sur: You Can Go Home Again

  1. leilani says:

    Wait, what?

    You went to Nepenthe and didn't get the burger?

    I thought there were laws against doing that sort of thing! 😉

  2. Chris says:

    Ah, would've liked to meet/see you there (in my neighborhood, the Sur). Love your work.

  3. Jeff Bragg says:

    Hey Lloyd, I just thought you might want to watch (and maybe share) the video for that Muddy Waters/Rolling Stones selection. Yeah, it's great. I was blessed to see him perform in Charlottesville, VA in '78 or so and it was wonderful. I hope you enjoy this.

  4. Quail333 says:

    Ummm…to me it begs the question how did Mickey Muening get on your shit list, there has got to be a story there.

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