1950 Flatbed Tiny Housetruck For Sale in Washington $7500

“1950 GMC Flatbed Truck with Custom Built “Gypsy Wagon” or “Hippie Shack” 80 sq. ft. floor space.

Small Block 400 with Turbo 400 Transmission, Lokar Shifter, rebuilt engine…1980 1 Ton Rear end with new wheels and tires. Custom built cedar camper. Whidbey, Washington.” https://tinyhouselistings.com/1950-flatbed-housetruck/

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  1. Tim Joe says:

    so many really cool things are labeled "hippie", Even the Left uses the term. Like it was a clown car at the circus. we failed by definition.
    The Underground went under ground. The media just didn't get it and now too many of us became our parents. and the dire irony is that for a lot of us, our parents were hippies. what a damnable mess. and we don't have dick nixon to kick around anymore. and ya know what? i miss him. he made an admirable target and now even the good guys are bad.

  2. Jack Stub says:

    Great truck. It's on South Whidbey Island, one of the best little communities in the Pacific NW…in my opinion at least. It's progressive, liberal, responsible and they have lots of foresight about the land they live on. That truck is very South Whidbey – I love it!

  3. If this house truck is still for sale contact me . Myrickg@aol.com thanks

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