When She's Good…

I got into my hotel in Manhattan around 4 PM yesterday after 3 hours sleep the night before, and when my plastic key didn’t work twice, I asked for a different room and could it be up high? Well the angel at the desk gave me a suite on the 26th floor and to my amazement it had a large balcony with deck chairs, best room I’ve ever had here. Thank you lord. The climate is perfect, a bit of rain, shirt sleeve weather, a comfortable 70 degrees. I hit the streets about 6, headed downtown (I’m at 31st & 7th), got some Japanese bubble tea, ran into this wonderful group of people in Union Square doing the Argentine tango, had a great Vietnamese meal at the Saigon Shack (114 MacDougal), cappuccino at Cafe Reggio, wandered shooting pics, watched the last 4 minutes of a great game between the Celtics and Lakers (those guys are so beautiful!), walked into the Bitter End just as a powerful little singer, Sirsy and her band were doing a rock and roll version of Johnny Be Good, and was it good! I listen to mostly blues, also bluegrass, “outlaw country,” 50s R&B, and Vivaldi, but there’s just something about rock and roll. Thrills my soul.

6 Responses to When She's Good…

  1. Jeff Bragg says:

    Not going to visit DC by any chance?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Try out Jimmy's 43, on 43 east 7th street, great beer and food!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You could probably see a "few" visitors in that posh suite!!!

  4. ziggy says:

    Traveling man… if you ever find yourself in Missouri (for some strange reason), do give a shout.

  5. jandean says:

    Lloyd, I think you take some of your very best pictures in NYC. You seem to find the quintessential…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Damn, Lloyd, you are one locked-in son of a gun…!

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