Tiny Home on Wheels

“Brothers Adam and Aaron Leu stand on the porch of their “tiny house,” which has been bought by a Kentucky couple and will be transported there. The house, approximately 130 square feet, includes a kitchen, bathroom living room and loft. It took the brothers about 3 1/2 months to build.”


4 Responses to Tiny Home on Wheels

  1. Staroid says:

    Well done, guys. Really tiny, really nice.
    I assume it's 8' wide, so it meets travel regs for a trailer-house, or a "park model"? So, it must be about 16' long.
    Either you two are rather tall, or the ceiling is less than 7' high.
    Total cost?
    Nice opening to the deck.

  2. Marie says:

    I also wondered if they were really tall or if the porch roof was low. The chair looks really small next to them too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    They are quite tall 6'7"
    I really like their floor plan
    Nice pictures on their website tallmanstinyhouse.com

  4. Adam Leu says:

    Thanks for posting this Lloyd! This is Adam Leu, one of the builders. Had someone email me and say they saw us on your blog. Not sure how you linked the pic from the local newspaper all the way out in CA! And yes, we're both 6'7". We were planning on just doing this as a one time build, but with as much interest as we've got we're considering doing more. Thanks again!

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