Tiny Home on Oregon River For Sale

Here’s an example of why I’d recommend following the Tiny House Blog if you’re interested in the subject, posted today. Note: this is on a very small lot.

“Going up for sale in August 2012: Tiny Cabin on a River, one hour West of Portland, Oregon.It’s on a coastal river in Oregon that has a Salmon Run!

It’s located smack in the coastal range, in a landscape dominated by wildness.

There is a forest maintained hiking trail within walking distance.

There is a wild river located a few miles away (river with no road along it -very rare in the US).

There is a mountain lake located a few miles away with a healthy fish population.

There is nothing but forest in every direction, except for my AWESOME neighbors upstream, which I can’t really even see from the cabin.

The property is small, yet there are a multitude of places inside and out to nestle oneself with the main presence always being that of the river.

Alternative construction process: It’s built modular with as much recycled and local materials as I could scrounge (more details in building section). I used a vegetable oil powered truck to acquire materials and haul them there.

5 miles away is a small general store with everything from food and wireless internet to pipe fittings and gas/diesel. There’s good cell service there. It’s nice to be able to go to the cabin and have a focused removed time, with the option to leave and check up on any real world commitments if need be. I like that I have to leave the cabin to do this.…”

Read a lot more on it here.

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