Sony's Hot New Tiny Camera

“…There you’ll see what makes the RX100 such a revelation: insane amounts of detail and vivid, true colors. Hand-held twilight photos. A burst mode that can fire 10 frames a second. And macro shots — supercloseup — that will curl whatever’s left of your hair. A typical S.L.R. can’t get any closer than 10 inches from the subject with its included lens; the RX100 can nail focus only 2 inches away.…”

Sounds like the first camera to rival (surpass?) Canon Powershot S100.

Article by David Pogue, NY Times June 27, 2012:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Surpass, definitely surpass by a large margin. Sensor size is about 3 times of the s100, body size almost the same. Pocketable!
    Look here for the preview:
    By the way, this is a very good site to get information on any enthusiast/professional camera.
    Sadly it will cost about 650$, here in europe 650€…
    Still, I want it badly.
    Greets from vienna,

  2. DStoll says:

    Lloyd-playing a little catch up and research on your web page. Curious regarding your thoughts on replacing your lumix and other DSLR? I read your post the Pepe loved the Fuji X-10. I am looking to replace a 40D, and G9. Seem to use my S95 more than anything, but miss the zoom and similar lenses for my 40D. Love the 40D, but hate the weight, bulk and need to remember to take it places whereas the 95 is always there. Thoughts or ideas is appreciated, and thanks for taking the time to put your blog together. I personally enjoy it, read it eatery day and look forward to your updates and travels. Thanks

  3. Lloyd Kahn says:

    DStoll, I stuck with the Lumix and the PowerShot S100. The latter is just so fine. One feature I just discovered: if you decide to shoot a film, you only press the red button, and it starts rolling. On July 1, 2012, Pepe emailed me, referring to the RX10 vs. S100:

    "Lloyd, yes it doth surpass and what a temptation; but for your blog purposes (IMO) you have all the resolution that your pages can handle with your S95 or an S100 because its 24mm at wide end and improvements or for more rez, the X10 w/it's panoramic feature and HD video…"

  4. DStoll says:

    Thanks Lloyd. Appreciate the response and will ignore Pepe, for right now! Will explore the Lumix to replace the big and medium Canons. Good health and safe travels to you and yours.

  5. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Only complaint I have about the Lumix is shutter lag. Big Canons (and most likely Nikons) are instant.

  6. EF Edwards says:

    I bought one of those little gems, no excuse for not having a camera when opportunity & inspiration hits.

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