Jimmy's 43 Pub, East Village

Thanks to a tip (comment) from Anonymous a few days ago, I went to Jimmy’s on this, my last night in NYC. Down a flight of dark stairs and into what felt like a medieval tavern on East 7th (#43, between 2nd & 3rd). You know how you enter a room and everything feels right?  Had several glasses of Greenport Hoppy Stout and excellent pasta dish and talked to 4 different people at the bar. There’s something intimate about NYC; you’re in such close proximity to people in public places. This is a wonderful pub, in a formerly Ukrainian

neighborhood, I recommend it highly. Their food is made with ingredients from local farms. They have many beers. NYC is an infinitely complex and deep city. It’s what you make of it and what you take of it.

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  1. Hey Lloyd, the big guy from the reading here. I was excited, and not that surprised to see Jimmy's on your blog. Jimmy Carbone has been a friend for 15 years and I used to cook a night a week to keep my hand in the kitchen. Glad to see you had such a fantastic visit to the city. Jesse

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