Irish Death in Puyallup

In all of the places I’ve been traveling in the last month, there have been on-tap-beer taverns and/or microbreweries. I hit a good one (Toby’s) in Coupeville, Whidbey Island, a not so good one in Anacortes (untogether bartending, crude food), but let me tell you about yesterday, oh yeah:

   I drove south mostly down the backroads from Sedro Woolley to Puyallup in my hot blue Mustang. Farm country. Barns. Highway 9. Bach’s Orchestral Suite No 3, then this French station, making me think how elegant and deft and delightful the French are, they really do look at the world differently. Then Joe Cocker, you can leave your hat on…you give me reason to live…

   Got into Puyallup, checked into hotel, went in search of food. I sussed out the old part of town (usually a good bet), set off on foot, looked into several restaurants, then saw the TK Irish Pub (109 S. Meridian). Couldn’t see in, so pushed open the door and whoa! The place was packed, vibes good, I sat at bar and ended up with a pint of Irish Death porter, from the nearby Iron Horse Brewery (started a few years ago by two Harley buddies, I was told) and a killer corn beef w. sauerkraut on rye and homemade potato chips. Everyone friendly. Everything a pub should be.

4 Responses to Irish Death in Puyallup

  1. Martin says:

    Lloyd – the name of the town is spelled Sedro Woolley.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Any story that begins with "I drove south mostly down the backroads…" grabs my attention like nothing else!

  3. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Martin, Thanks! I had it wrong in 6-7 places.

  4. Looks like a place I would love. If you ever get back up our way, go a little farther north and drive Chuckanut Road from Skagit north to Bellingham. Then stop in Bellingham for a great brew and food at the Chuckanut Bay Brewery near the marina. – Margy

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