Early Morning Latte and WiFi in Puyallup

Another Puyallup place where you couldn’t tell what it was like until you came inside. Score! Anthem Coffee & Tea (210 W. Pioneer Ave.), interior done in recycled wood and corrugated steel roofing, great coffee and a perfect almond/bran muffin combo, fast wifi (so handy for the on-the-road nerd), opens at 5:30 AM (I don’t even know a connected place in NYC that opens that early), cool workers and clientele.

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  1. jhm says:

    Not really germane, but These pub shots, patched together from a single vantage (?), made me rethink my reaction to the painter Rackstraw Downes talking about his representing perspective. While I liked the effect, I was dismissive of it being in any way true to life. The first link is to some of his stuff, and the second to the Art21 episode which introduced me to him.


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