Book Signing Last Night in Brooklyn

Spoonbill & Sugartown is a unique independent bookstore in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn — everything in the book world that Amazon is not. This was my 15th signing/slideshow event in the last 3 months and it was off to a good start when, before I started, a big guy came up and said he first saw Shelter when he was 8 years old and it had inspired him to become a builder. Plus my good friends from Bolinas, now living in NYC, twin skateboarder/artists Shelter and Ivory Serra showed up.

   I did the slides (11″ MacAir and lightweight Epson digital projector all of which I carry in my backpack) and answered questions, and 2+ hours flew by. Such good vibes.

Collage poster by Rachel Day

  I was pretty wiped out, especially after 4 nights of minimal sleep, and walked down to the Venezuelan restaurant Caracas on Grand and had 2 “Dark & Strong” rum/ginger drinks and a plate of shredded beef w/rice and black beans. Great place, cool personnel, great food and drink (about 25 types of rum). Williamsburg is a great area, just across the river from Manhattan. There’s a peacefulness in the air, even with all the activity and people. Absent is the roar of the Big City.

   Ahh! End of my tour. Now one more half-day at the book expo and then 3 days to scout for adventure in this, the capital of the universe.

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  1. Colin says:

    Lloyd, could I ask what model Epson projector you use please?



    Liverpool, UK

  2. jandean says:

    A most excellent poster.

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