Article on City Composting in Today's New York Times

“…Pioneers like Portland, Seattle and San Francisco have become so good at waste diversion that it is becoming harder to get much better. San Francisco reuses a whopping 78 percent of what enters its waste stream, compared with the national average of 34 percent.

   As some press toward a goal of “zero waste,” the challenge is asking residents to conquer what officials call “the ick factor” of organic waste, endure fewer garbage pickups, become more sophisticated sorters and live without things like plastic grocery bags and polystyrene containers for their takeout food.

   At the same time, the cities are exploring novel solutions for recycling challenging materials that take up relatively far more space at the dump than they did before recycling took hold. Those targets include construction debris from small haulers, complex plastics, polystyrene foam and the smelliest of the smelly: cat litter, dog poop and diapers.…”

Article by William Yardley, NY Times,June 27, 2012:

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  1. Olivia says:

    Toronto has pretty impressive waste reduction. They do curbside compost pick up, and the list of what is permitted is quite long, including diapers. They also pick up recycling unsorted, which certainly lowers a barrier to participation. Regular garbage pick up is only every other week (last time I checked, anyway).

    I live in Switzerland and we have compost pick up here, but what is considered compostable is limited. Recycling is a pain, but possible. City garbage bags (required) cost about $8 for 35L, so there's a high incentive to reduce waste.

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

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  4. Lloyd Kahn says:

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