Art From New Guinea at Metropolitan Museum Yesterday

I don’t do well in museums, but I ended up spending 3 hours at the Met yesterday. The big surprise was the exhibit of art from New Guinea, much of it collected by Michael Rockefeller. It was similar in many aspects to art of the First Nations tribes of British Columbia* — totem poles and canoes carved out of single trees. This is a huge ceiling panel from a ceremonial house of the Kwoma group, who live in the Washkuk hills north of the Sepik river in northeastern New Guinea. I shot over 200 photos at the Met — a total “embarrassment of riches.” I just don’t know what to do with all my “content.” I need a clone (or maybe an apprentice) to help me deal with all of it.

*A few days ago I spent a long time at the wonderful First Nations display at the Museum of Natural History. (There is a huge canoe there, among other stunning works of art.)

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  1. Chippy Chin says:

    The pictures you do choose to post seem to be exactly the ones you should. I have enjoyed each one in an "oh wow" manner. I'm super glad I added you on twitter.

  2. mercury says:

    If you really do want an apprentice/assistant/intern I am available, enthusiastic, and even diploma-ed by an institution of higher education in a totally unrelated field! But, in all seriousness, if you'd like some help shoot me an email and we can discuss what you need and what I can do:

  3. mercury says:

    oops, I typed my email address wrong (I'm testing out this service called spamgourmet to avoid spam when I'd like to post an email address publicly on the web), it is actually:

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